The Enrichment Program of Jewels Inc. was founded on January 11, 2007 by B. Marcell Williams, (McClure at the time) and incorporated in the Spring of 2008. The first branch of Jewels Inc., was established on the grounds of Howard University. B. Marcell saw the need to work with students of the Howard University and the community of Washington D.C. to enrich the lives of her younger sisters. She believes that through enrichment programs put on by Jewels Inc., the organization can help change the negative connotation associated with being an urban girl.



The purpose of Jewels Inc., is to empower young urban girls,
called Jewels, as future leaders through education, training, and social activism.



To serve as community role models for other urban youth. 
Young local elementary & middle school girls are eligible for “adoption” as “little sisters” who will become official TenderSTONES, while high school young ladies will become Junior Jewels. 
Jewels, Junior Jewels, and TenderSTONES participate in self-improvement workshops, including resume building,
etiquette classes, and leadership training. Additional growth and development are gained from a variety of exciting educational, cultural, and artistic outings. Working together cooperatively, Jewels, Junior Jewels, and TenderSTONES will become an asset in their local urban communities.



The mission is to provide venues where young urban girls can acquire an understanding of technical as well as social skills necessary to assume leadership roles through actual practice. Hosting collaborative events between Jewels Inc. and our Junior Jewels will instill responsibility for producing community-based events: entertainment, education, and promotion.




Jewels were initially supposed to be an all girl street team for Prominence Promotions, in addition to being community leaders.

Jewels Inc., Enrichment Program was founded on Thursday, January 11, 2007.

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